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January 2022

Pandemic R&D Agenda for Action: Fostering Innovation To End This Pandemic and Prepare for the Next One

Calls on world leaders to prioritize action in four key areas to close the critical R&D, manufacturing, and delivery gaps necessary to end the acute COVID-19 crisis and build a more resilient, equitable pandemic R&D ecosystem for the future.

January 2021

GHSA Proposal: Revamp Workforce Development & Medical Countermeasures Action Package

Formal proposal from GHTC to the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) Steering Committee to revamp GHSA's Workforce Development & Medical Countermeasures Action Package to support R&D capacity building.

December 2020

Unpacking the Multilateral Architecture for Global Health R&D

Provides an overview of key multilateral organizations and how each contributes to the R&D and delivery of vaccines, treatments, and other global health technologies.

October 2020

The Next Pandemic Won’t Wait: What World Leaders Can Do to Strengthen Global Research and Development Architecture for Health Security

Outlines recommendations for world leaders to strengthen the research and development (R&D) architecture for global health security, addressing both actions needed in the immediacy to combat COVID-19, as well as forward-looking reforms to strengthen coordination and global governance mechanisms for R&D for health emergencies and bolster R&D capacity in low- and middle-income countries.

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