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Erin Will Morton is the Director of GHTC.

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August 18, 2016

Farewell from the GHTC Director

Erin Will Morton offers farewell thoughts on her last day as GHTC's director.

April 27, 2016

Incentives and innovative financing mechanisms matter in addressing market failures

When existing market forces alone fall short in ensuring availability of and access to lifesaving health tools, a range of interventions are needed to alter the market and ultimately change the behavior of its actors.

September 13, 2015

Advocacy and partnerships for HIV and AIDS prevention for women: A post from Durban, South Africa

Sitting halfway around the world from my office in Washington, DC, looking out my Durban hotel window at the Indian Ocean, I am reminded just how small and interconnected our world really is.

September 7, 2015

To meet the global goals, UN must include health R&D indicators in SDG framework

Later this month global leaders are poised to approve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but a new report commissioned by a leading group of health nonprofits including GHTC warns that the SDG targets will not be achieved without the development and introduction of new and improved health technologies to address the health needs of the world’s poorest people.