February 14, 2020

#HealthPolicyValentines for global health research

Marissa Chmiola
Communications Officer

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, GHTC staff embraced our health policy wonkiness by participating in the time-honored beltway tradition: #HealthPolicyValentines.

For those who are unfamiliar, this tradition started in 2012 when a former staffer and Twitter aficionado at the US Department of Health and Human Services, Emma Sandoe, became inspired to “tweet one ‘health policy valentine’ every day until Valentine’s Day.” Other health policy experts soon joined in with their own poems and puns related to health care, and an annual tradition was born.

Now every February, health policy wonks tweet out their most creative #HealthPolicyValentines. This year, GHTC staff joined in on the fun to share our passion for global health research and development (R&D). Here are our favorites: