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Philip KenolPhilip manages the coalition’s multilateral policy analysis and advocacy work. He develops and implements outreach strategies to the various United Nations agencies and other multilateral organizations to ensure that the coalition is advocating a consistent position with all global health R&D stakeholders.

Philip has a background in global development policy and health care. Before joining GHTC, he served two years as a Senior Dedicated Advisor at the Advisory Board Company, working with hospitals and health care providers on issues surrounding burnout, patient safety, and engagement.

Prior to the Advisory Board, he managed the Alliance for Global Health and Competitiveness, a coalition of private companies and nonprofits that promote strategic investments in health care in developing and middle-income countries. As part of that work, he led lobbying efforts, helped forge new partnerships, and managed high-level roundtables to explore the challenges health decision-makers face.

He started his career at the German Marshall Fund, focusing on economic and development policy, and has worked on several political campaigns, including President Obama’s 2008 run.

Philip received his BA in Government (with a concentration in international development) from Dartmouth College. In his free time, you can usually find Philip playing soccer, rooting for the Capitals, and playing district trivia.

Blog posts written by Philip

Total of 23 blog posts

June 7, 2024

Multilateral momentum: World Health Assembly yields progress on key global priorities but falters on pandemic accord

GHTC is sharing our top takeaways after traveling to Geneva, Switzerland last week for the 77th World Health Assembly.

February 20, 2024

WHO product review process set for improvements, but more sweeping reforms could be a game changer

The World Health Organization's (WHO's) prequalification program is a key actor in the global health ecosystem and an important driver of expanding product access, but despite recently announced improvements to make the program more efficient and transparent, structural challenges continue to undermine its capacity to play a transformative role in quickly accelerating access to a whole spectrum of health products, especially novel technologies, in low- and middle-income countries.

January 30, 2024

WHO EB falls short of moment as health setbacks and deadlines loom large

GHTC reflects on the 154th session of the World Health Organization (WHO) Executive Board (EB) meeting, which, broadly, offered little to meet the moment we are in, with looming deadlines over the pandemic accord and International Health Regulations processes and setbacks in progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals.

May 26, 2023

Four takeaways from the 76th World Health Assembly

GHTC is sharing our four top takeaways after being in Geneva this past week for the 76th World Health Assembly.

February 10, 2023

Shifting the dialogue: Four takeaways from WHO EB

GHTC reflects on our four biggest takeaways from the 152nd meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO) Executive Board (EB) earlier this month. 

January 25, 2023

WHO Executive Board preview: The next chapter for the global health architecture

As the World Health Organization's 152nd Executive Board meetings begin in Geneva next week, GHTC is reflecting on the four top issues we are tracking on at this year's meetings.