March 20, 2013

Film series highlights need for new TB vaccines worldwide

Manager, Media and Communications

In this guest post, Jamie Rosen—media and communications manager at Aeras—writes about a new film series that features personal stories of people affected by tuberculosis (TB) worldwide, and the urgent need to develop new vaccines and other tools against the disease.

Aeras is excited to share the trailer for a series of short films exposing the underreported global epidemic of TB and the movement for innovation to improve our tools to fight it. In the TB community, as in other areas of global health, we are constantly seeking ways to help people comprehend the scale and the individual tragedy of this disease, to understand the difficulties of treating it, and to inspire people to do what it takes to adequately address it.

Aeras has been working with filmmaker Mo Scarpelli and her crew over the past several months to produce four films. Each film will focus on the story of one individual interspersed with expert interviews, and will feature footage from five countries around the world.

The first film will focus on an American multi-drug resistant TB survivor; the second on an Indian TB doctor; the third on a South African woman who volunteered for a clinical trial; and the fourth on a British researcher working to develop new TB vaccines.

Aeras is grateful for the advice and participation of many people who are working tirelessly to take care of today’s TB patients and foster hope for a better future—one with more effective diagnostics, drugs and ultimately vaccines against this rapidly evolving disease. If this trailer inspires you, please go to and spread the word. For more information or to organize a screening, please contact Jamie Rosen at