June 07, 2012

Research Roundup: What we’re reading this week

Senior Program Assistant

In this regular feature on Breakthroughs, we highlight some of the most interesting reads in global health research from the past week.

The Associated Press reports that “[o]ne in 10 cases of tuberculosis in China cannot be treated by the most commonly-used drugs,” due to drug-resistant strands of the epidemic. Because of this, there is an even greater need for newer or improved health technologies.

Researchers at the fifth annual World Science Festival discuss the need for universal vaccines as “new diseases…continue to emerge.”

Pharmaceutical company Sanofi could potentially find out in the fall of this year whether or not they can move forward in developing the most advanced vaccine to prevent dengue.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced a new public-private partnership initiative between the US and Norway to improve maternal health, including a partnership with drug maker Merck & Co.