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Global health R&D delivers for California

US government investment in global health R&D has delivered

$3.9 billion
to California research institutions
52,300+ new jobs
for California
California's top USG-funded global health R&D institutions

California's top USG-funded global health R&D institutions

Scripps Research
$671.6 million
University of California, San Francisco
$499.3 million
University of California, Los Angeles
$477 million
Undisclosed CA-based industry recipients
$329.6 million
Stanford University (including the Center for Innovations in Global Health)
$270.8 million
University of California, San Diego
$171.8 million
University of California, Davis
$156.4 million
SRI International
$128.1 million
University of California, Berkeley (including School of Public Health)
$112.3 million
University of California, Irvine
$107.2 million
La Jolla Institute for Immunology
$90.1 million
University of California, Riverside
$47.6 million
California Institute of Technology
$43.5 million
$40.1 million
University of California, Santa Cruz
$36.5 million
Clip Health (formerly Luminostics Inc.)
$32.9 million
The Oak Crest Institute of Science
$31.9 million
Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute
$23.1 million
Heluna Health (formerly Public Health Foundation Enterprises)
$20.7 million
$19.3 million
University of Southern California
$18.9 million
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
$18.8 million
Vitalant Research Institute (formerly Blood Systems Research Institute)
$17.4 million
Mapp Biopharmaceutical
$17.2 million
San Diego Biomedical Research Institute
$17.1 million
Wave 80 Biosciences
$16.9 million
Monogram Biosciences
$16.4 million
Auritec Pharmaceuticals Inc.
$16 million
Arisan Therapeutics
$14.9 million
$12.9 million
DiaSorin Inc. (including DiaSorin Molecular)
$12.7 million
J.Craig Venter Institute
$12.2 million
The Lundquist Institute (formerly Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute)
$11.5 million
$11.4 million
Children's Hospital Los Angeles
$10.5 million
UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland (formerly Children's Hospital and Research Center Oakland)
$10.5 million
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
$10.4 million
University of California, Santa Barbara
$10.4 million
CrossLife Technologies
$10.2 million
Global Solutions for Infectious Diseases
$9.5 million
$9.4 million
Standard BioTools (formerly Fluidigm)
$9.3 million
San Diego State University
$8.5 million
Cue Health
$8.4 million
$8.1 million
Molecular Express Inc.
$7.9 million
Cedars-Sinai (including medical center)
$7.7 million
Keck Graduate Institute
$7.7 million
Visby Medical (formerly Click Diagnostics)
$7.1 million
Xtrava Health
$6.7 million
ID Fish Technology Inc.
$6.2 million
$5.9 million
Veterans Medical Research Foundation
$5.9 million
Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies*
$5.6 million
Gladstone Institutes
$5.3 million
Antigen Discovery Inc. (formerly ImmPORT Therapeutics)
$5 million
Catalyst Global (formerly WCG Cares)
$4.5 million
Vaccine Research Institute of San Diego
$4.5 million
Universal Stabilization Technologies Inc.
$4.4 million
Aligos Therapeutics, Inc.
$4.2 million
La Jolla Infectious Disease Institute*
$4.2 million
Isca Technologies Ltd.
$4 million
La Jolla Bioengineering Institute
$3.8 million
Specific Diagnostics*
$3.8 million
US Biotest
$3.7 million
$3.5 million
Gentegra LLC
$3.5 million
Planet Biotechnology Inc.
$3.5 million
Riboscience, LLC
$3.5 million
Vasomune Therapeutics
$3.5 million
Amplyx Pharmaceuticals*
$3.4 million
Dynavax Technologies Corporation
$3.4 million
Loma Linda University
$3.4 million
Genendeavor LLC
$3.3 million
Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope
$3.2 million
Lucira Health*
$3.2 million
Maxygen Inc.
$3.2 million
University of California, Merced
$3.1 million
$3 million
Dare Bioscience, Inc.
$2.8 million
Salk Institute for Biological Studies
$2.7 million
University of San Diego
$2.7 million
California State University, Long Beach
$2.6 million
$2.5 million
Applied Biomedical Science Institute
$2.4 million
Linnaeus Bioscience Inc.
$2.4 million
Western University of Health Sciences
$2.3 million
$2.2 million
Orphagen Pharmaceuticals
$2.1 million
Biolog Inc.
$2 million
CellMic LLC (previously Holomic LLC)*
$2 million
Ibis Biosciences*
$2 million
Saint John's Cancer Institute (formerly John Wayne Cancer Institute)
$2 million
Integrated Research Associates
$1.8 million
$1.7 million
California State University, Fullerton
$1.6 million
Collaborative Drug Discovery Inc.
$1.6 million
Palo Alto Veterans Institute for Research (PAVIR)
$1.6 million
Investigen Inc.*
$1.5 million
Rand Corporation
$1.5 million
San Francisco State University
$1.5 million
$1.4 million
Aridis Pharmaceuticals
$1.3 million
Eiger Group International
$1.3 million
$1.3 million
$1.3 million
Phase Diagnostics Inc.
$1.2 million
Phoenix Biosystems
$1.2 million
ProSci Inc.
$1.2 million
VecTOR Test Systems Inc.
$1.2 million
Vir Biotechnology
$1.2 million
Convergent Genomics
$1.1 million
Genlantis (formerly Gene Therapy Systems Inc.)*
$1.1 million
Institute for Rare and Neglected Diseases*
$1.1 million
Omvax Inc.
$1.1 million
TransMembrane Biosciences*
$1.1 million
Atila Biosystems
$1 million
Deton Corporation*
$1 million
DiaCarta Inc.
$1 million
Essential Access Health
$993 thousand
New Tech Solutions Inc.
$991 thousand
$984 thousand
$924 thousand
Pomona College
$922 thousand
Aleph Therapeutics
$903 thousand
University of San Francisco
$890 thousand
California State University, San Marcos
$865 thousand
GenMark Diagnostics
$847 thousand
$824 thousand
Adicet Bio
$804 thousand
Verndari Inc.
$777 thousand
Ocean NanoTech
$766 thousand
EpitoGenesis Inc.
$763 thousand
Sevident Inc.*
$714 thousand
Quidel Corporation
$701 thousand
VA San Diego Healthcare System
$687 thousand
San Jose State University
$670 thousand
Tendel Therapies
$663 thousand
Larix Bioscience, LLC
$661 thousand
$644 thousand
Mesa Tech International*
$635 thousand
Diazyme Laboratories
$617 thousand
California State University, Fresno
$595 thousand
Accelero Biostructures
$550 thousand
Plex Pharmaceuticals
$530 thousand
Northern California Institute for Research and Education
$518 thousand
Virogenics Inc.*
$409 thousand
$400 thousand
Sunomix Biosciences*
$390 thousand
Proteus Digital Health*
$377 thousand
Livermore Instruments Inc.
$372 thousand
Plex Pharmaceuticals (formerly CalAsia Pharmaceuticals)
$371 thousand
Jumpcode Genomics
$362 thousand
Song Diagnostic Research LLC*
$352 thousand
Grow Biomedicine
$339 thousand
$337 thousand
Strategic Drug Solutions Inc.*
$335 thousand
Amberstone Biosciences
$324 thousand
$324 thousand
Calbiotech Inc.
$323 thousand
Altor BioScience Corporation*
$309 thousand
Southwestern College Chula Vista
$302 thousand
Innov8ai Inc.
$300 thousand
$300 thousand
Inhibrx Inc.
$293 thousand
Nirmidas Biotech Inc.
$288 thousand
Nodexus Inc.
$281 thousand
Venomyx Therapeutics
$276 thousand
Ontera (formerly Pore Two Guys Inc.)*
$274 thousand
Correlia Biosystems
$273 thousand
Excision Biotherapeutics
$270 thousand
Serimmune Inc.
$269 thousand
ODMR Technologies Inc.*
$264 thousand
UniTaq Bio*
$261 thousand
Big Eye Diagnostics Inc.
$260 thousand
Nesher Technologies Inc.
$260 thousand
YourChoice Therapeutics
$258 thousand
Apex Bait Technologies, Inc.
$250 thousand
$249 thousand
$247 thousand
Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)
$245 thousand
NeyroblastGX LLC
$240 thousand
Adamas Pharmaceuticals*
$236 thousand
OROX BioSciences
$236 thousand
Olfactor Laboratories*
$227 thousand
Virufy, The Covid Detection Foundation
$227 thousand
Brentwood Biomedical Research Institute Inc.*
$208 thousand
Spectral Platforms Inc.
$191 thousand
L3 Healthcare
$187 thousand
Vault Pharma
$187 thousand
California State University, Sacramento
$182 thousand
Applied Biotechnology Institute
$179 thousand
Ophirex Inc.
$173 thousand
Hedgefog Research Inc.
$167 thousand
Blue Tech
$154 thousand
Hillhurst Biopharmaceuticals Inc.
$150 thousand
Innosense LLC
$133 thousand
Maxwell Sensors Inc.*
$127 thousand
Physical Optics Corporation (POC)*
$127 thousand
Pinpoint Science
$112 thousand
Trius Therapeutics*
$100 thousand
Numentus Technologies Inc.
$97 thousand
PolyPeptide Group
$71 thousand
Oralome Inc.*
$54 thousand
Radiant Genomics*
$38 thousand
Abterra Bio
$26 thousand
$13 thousand

California's top areas of global health R&D by USG funding

Flioviral diseases (including Ebola, Marburg)
Neglected tropical diseases
Helminth infections (Worms & Flukes)
Kinetoplastid diseases
Snakbite envenoming
Reproductive health
Salmonella infections
Arenaviral hemorrhagic fevers (including Lassa fever)
Bacterial pneumonia & meningitis
Bunyaviral diseases (including CCHF, RVF, SFTS)
Cryptococcal meningitis
Diarrheal diseases
Emergent non-polio enteroviruses (including EV71, D68)
Henipaviral diseases (including Nipah)
Hepatitis C
Multi-disease/health area R&D
Other coronaviruses (including MERS, SARS)
Rheumatic fever
Global health R&D at work in California

Using a method developed at the University of California, San Francisco, Stanford University researchers have created a compound, still in early stages, that combats drug-resistant malaria parasites without harm to human cells. The compound blocks the activity of the parasite’s waste disposal system, which is essential as it multiplies and takes hold in its human host. In partnership with Takeda Pharmaceuticals and the nonprofit Medicines for Malaria Ventures, the researchers are now screening Takeda’s compound library to identify additional compounds that can be paired with their original to produce a viable antimalarial drug. Despite global efforts, malaria still impacts more than 200 million people each year, mostly in Africa and Asia, and kills more than 600,000—primarily children under five. Scientists are racing to find new treatments before current drugs stop working.

  • Methodology
  • US government global health R&D investment (total to state, top funded institutions, top health areas): Authors’ analysis of USG investment data from the G-FINDER survey following identification of state location of funding recipients. Reflects funding for basic research and product development for neglected diseases from 2007 to 2022, for emerging infectious diseases from 2014–2022, and sexual and reproductive health issues from 2018 to 2022. Funding to US government agencies reflects self-funding and/or transfers from other agencies. Some industry data is anonymized and aggregated. See methodology for additional details.
  • *Organization appears to be closed/out of business.
  • Jobs created: Based on author’s analysis described above and previous analysis assessing jobs created per state from US National Institutes of Health funding. See methodology for additional details.
  • Neglected and emerging diseases: Reflects US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data for: Chikungunya virus cases 2014–2022, Dengue virus infection cases 2010-2021, HIV diagnoses 2008–2022, Malaria cases 2007–2022, Mpox cases 2022–March 29, 2023, Tuberculosis cases 2007–2021, Viral hemorrhagic fever cases 2007-2022, and Zika virus disease cases 2015–2021.
  • Case study photo: PATH/Patrick McKern