November 09, 2011

Research Roundup: What We're Reading this Week

Communications Associate

In this regular feature onBreakthroughs, we highlight some of the most interesting reads in global health research from the past week.

Several cases of drug resistant tuberculosis (TB) are reported in India, underscoring the need for new treatment and prevention options. In related news, GHTC member Aeras enters into a partnership to develop new TB vaccines.

GHTC member the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene urges against cuts to vital medical research that protects American troops from tropical diseases.

New research could lead to the production of more affordable antimalarial drugs. GHTC member Medicines for Malaria Venture also seeks projects to propel malaria drug discovery.

A Congressional delegation’s trip to see development projects in Tanzania included visits to global health projects.

A candidate for the first-ever vaccine against hookworm enters into a clinical trial in Brazil.

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