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Get to know GHTC's new staff: Senior Program Assistant Sarah Bachar and Multilateral Policy & Advocate Associate Lindsey Brown.

On June 10, Sarah Bachar joined GHTC as our new Senior Program Assistant and Lindsey Brown joined as our new Multilateral Policy & Advocate Associate. GHTC’s Deputy Director Marissa Chmiola and Communications Coordinator Hannah Sachs-Wetstone sat down with Sarah and Lindsey to find more about themselves and their interests.

1. What first got you interested in the field of global health research and development (R&D), and what inspires you about this line of work?

Sarah: I grew up living in the United States and spending my summers in rural Tanzania, which laid the foundation for my lifelong global perspective and sparked my initial desire to work overseas. I studied international development in college, and, as an adult, I have had the opportunity to volunteer in East Africa on several projects bringing basic human services to under-resourced communities. I see health as the most central basic need that must be addressed to improve lives, and it’s exciting to live during a time in which incredible strides in R&D are making it more possible than ever to bolster health outcomes around the world. I’m thrilled to be part of a team helping to champion those solutions on a global scale.

Lindsey: My interest in health R&D was sparked at a young age watching my father’s experience with type 1 diabetes. I can recall the significant improvement in his health and quality of life with each updated iteration of his insulin pump and supplies, which allowed greater ease with his blood sugar management. Witnessing firsthand the transformative impact of advanced and accessible medical technology underscored for me the critical importance of R&D in saving lives and improving health outcomes. 

During my graduate program, I fell into the global health policy space and delved deeper into the pivotal role of multilateralism. I became impassioned about the pursuit of universal health coverage, especially for low- and-middle income countries. In recognizing the potential for R&D to bridge health disparities and enhance health outcomes worldwide, I am proud to advocate for greater R&D to achieve health equity for all. 

2. What are you most excited to learn about global health R&D at GHTC?

Sarah: In my professional career thus far, I have been in roles focused on US policy and advocacy for domestic-facing investments, so, broadly, I’m thrilled to be learning more about the mechanisms and impact of health R&D globally. I’m also looking forward to diving more deeply into the different areas of technical work being focused on by each of the leading organizations that make up GHTC’s diverse membership and how to effectively tailor R&D approaches to maximize their impact. 

Lindsey: I am interested in delving into the sustainability and equity of global health R&D. With the GHTC team and extensive membership, I look forward to gaining insights into cutting-edge advances that are shaping global health outcomes. I am particularly enthusiastic about exploring resilient approaches to R&D, such as fostering partnerships that ensure equitable access to health innovations and health care delivery. 

Additionally, I believe that targeted investment in our last-mile communities can not only save lives but also foster sustainable health improvement on a global scale. I am excited by GHTC’s dedication to advancing global health R&D, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that everyone, regardless of geography or circumstance, has access to essential, lifesaving medical technology.

3. What are your first impressions?

Sarah: In my first few weeks with GHTC, I have been inspired and excited by the fantastic work being done by the GHTC team and our coalition’s individual members to improve lives across so many critical areas of need. It’s impressive to learn more about the successful outcomes of GHTC’s advocacy and to witness how partnerships among diverse stakeholders are boosting equity and sustainability in approaches to solving global health problems. Given emerging global health challenges on the horizon, it’s energizing to see the creative ways in which scientific innovation and emerging technologies are being leveraged to deliver meaningful, lasting solutions.

Lindsey: In my first few weeks with GHTC, I have been consistently impressed by the caliber and productivity of my colleagues. It has been exciting, and at times intense, to swiftly integrate into GHTC’s advocacy efforts in the intertwined multilateral space of global health initiatives. Advocacy in the US and multilateral realms is a continuous and demanding endeavor, and, with that, it has also been fantastic to see the proactive engagement of GHTC’s members in advancing our collective advocacy agenda. Moving forward, I am eager to contribute to the coalition’s goals and witness the outcomes of our collaborative efforts. 

4.  What do you enjoy doing in your spare time outside work?

Sarah: I’m originally from Colorado, and, in my spare time, I love hiking, skiing, running, and spending time outdoors. I also love to eat and spend a lot of time exploring Washington, DC’s amazing restaurant scene!

Lindsey: Outside of work, I enjoy exploring Washington DC’s extensive running paths and trails, restaurants, and breweries! 

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