GHTC works to save and improve lives by encouraging the research and development of essential health technologies.


Advocating for technologies to improve lives


GHTC is the premier advocacy organization focusing on global health R&D for new tools and technologies. We are a coalition of more than 25 nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and aligned businesses advancing policies to accelerate the creation of new drugs, vaccines, diagnostics, and other tools that bring healthy lives within reach for all people.

Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and our members and housed at PATH, the coalition does not advocate for specific diseases or health areas. Rather, we support policies to advance the goals of global health R&D across many disease and health areas.

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What we do


GHTC works to save and improve lives by advancing solutions to accelerate the development of new health technologies to address neglected global diseases and health conditions. To advance our mission, we educate policymakers and stakeholders about the impact and value of R&D, convene members and partners to create and carry out a shared agenda to support R&D, and advocate for policy solutions and public investment to catalyze development of lifesaving health tools.


We educate policymakers, the global health and development community, and the public about the impact of global health R&D and the critical role it plays in accelerating progress toward the next global health and development milestones. We conduct analysis and produce and disseminate materials to build a strong case for investment in global health R&D and highlight how R&D saves lives, drives economic growth, and enhances global security.


We work to build and support an informed and influential constituency for global health R&D. We bring our members and partner groups together to debate and exchange ideas, develop common positions and messaging, and create and carry out a shared advocacy agenda. We foster strategic alliances with the broader global health and development communities and the private, philanthropic, and academic sectors. GHTC operates under the principle that we are stronger when we speak with one voice.


We advocate for public investment and policy solutions to advance global health R&D. In outreach to the US government, we push for members of Congress, the Administration, and agency officials to provide sufficient public funding for R&D and to ensure its effective use, incorporate R&D as an integral part of existing global health programs and strategies, and advance policies and legislation to accelerate the creation of new health tools. At the international level, we strive to ensure global health R&D is part of the conversation in global forums like the World Health Assembly, United Nations General Assembly, and G7/8 and G20 meetings, and work to shape global initiatives to finance and share knowledge on R&D activities and improve access to lifesaving health technologies.

Advocate Members

Global Partners Network



Emily Conron

Policy and Advocacy Officer

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Philip Kenol

Policy & Advocacy Officer

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Julien Rashid

Policy and Advocacy Associate

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Ansley Kahn

Senior Program Assistant

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Steering Committee


Rachel M. Cohen, MA

Regional Executive Director, North America

Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative

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Jodie Curtis

Washington Representative

American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

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Kevin Fisher

Director of Policy, Data & Analytics


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Karen A. Goraleski, MA

Executive Director

American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

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Heather Ignatius, MA

Director, US and Global Advocacy


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Sharyn Tenn, MA

Senior Director, External Affairs and Product Access

International Partnership for Microbicides

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