GHTC advocates for policies and programs to advance research and development for neglected diseases and conditions to improve health around the world.

Increase effective public funding

New tools and technologies are urgently needed to address global health challenges in under-resourced settings. Government investments in R&D are critical to jumpstarting and advancing the development of technologies for neglected diseases and conditions with limited commercial markets.

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Enhance efficiency and effective use of resources

Limited information-sharing, transparency, and coordination among players in global health R&D hinders efficient development of global health innovations. Increased coordination of global health R&D activities and actors can help fill critical gaps in the product development pipeline, foster strategic partnerships, and better leverage resources and learning.

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Advance multisector partnerships

The world’s most pressing global health challenges are too great to be solved by any one sector alone. Multisector partnerships that leverage the resources, skills, and expertise of governments, civil society, and the private sector are essential for advancing the research, development, scale-up, and roll-out of global health technologies.

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Strengthen regulatory pathways

Regulatory review is a necessary step to ensure that new global health innovations intended for patients in need are safe and effective. Mechanisms that streamline and strengthen regulatory pathways and harmonize review requirements will help promote access to urgently needed global health technologies.

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Incentivize greater private sector investment and engagement

The private sector plays an important role in global health R&D. While it has tremendous resources to contribute to R&D for neglected diseases and conditions, limited prospects for financial return can often deter investment. Targeted and strategic incentives can encourage greater private sector engagement in R&D for new global health technologies.

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Promote innovative financing mechanisms

Traditional public financing alone cannot fill the gap between global health R&D resources and need. New and innovative approaches to financing R&D are critical to developing the next generation of global health tools and technologies. 

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Our members work to improve health worldwide