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COVID-19 R&D Tracker

Online resource tracking R&D efforts combat COVID-19, which includes R&D efforts supported by the US government, multilateral institutions, and GHTC member organizations.

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Fact sheet series: R&D across health areas
This fact sheet series examines the role of R&D in driving progress across different neglected diseases and health areas. Each fact sheet provides an overview of R&D for a specific disease or health area, including examples of past research successes, key missing tools, promising products in development, and how the US government is contributing to R&D efforts.
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Research and Development: A Critical Driver of Universal Health Coverage

Examine how R&D of new drugs, vaccines, diagnostics, and other tools is a critical driver of universal health coverage.


Global Health Innovation at USAID: Accelerating the Journey to Self-Reliance

Examines how the US Agency for International Development’s (USAID) investments in global health innovation are an essential enabler in accelerating partner countries along the journey to self-reliance and explores challenges and opportunities the agency faces in advancing this work, providing actionable recommendations the Administration and Congress to maximize the impact of its health R&D activities.

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WHO funding for R&D: By the numbers

Illustrates how and how much the World Health Organization is investing across its R&D programs and how they are financed.


G20 Health & Development Partnership
Healthy Nations, Sustainable Economies: How Innovation Can Better Ensure Health For All

Calls on G20 Heads of Government and Ministers to elevate health on the G20 agenda and prioritize investments in health innovation to deliver on the vision of health for all. The report looks at concrete examples of successful models, partnerships, mechanisms, and financing approaches that have accelerated the development and scale-up of global health technologies and system innovations, and provides recommendations to G20 policymakers that if implemented would increase momentum in global health innovation and strengthen the health and economies of all nations, whether high-, middle-, or low-income.

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PATH/Gabe Bienczycki
WHO Roadmap for Access: 2019-2023

Provides analysis of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) draft Road Map for Access to Medicines, Vaccines and Other Health Products including an overview of the contents and the potential implications if approved. This roadmap, which outlines WHO’s proposed workplan on access for the period 2019–2023, will be presented to the WHO Executive Board in January 2018 for input and then will go before the World Health Assembly in May for endorsement.


Multilateralism for GHTC: Overview brief

Provides an overview of the opportunities and institutions GHTC targets in the multilateral arena, why GHTC advocates in that arena, and how our members and partners can participate in these opportunities.


Enhancing GHSA’s role in supporting global health R&D to advance health security

Provides background on the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) and limitations with its current structure, and offers recommendations to expand the comprehensiveness of the program in advancing global health security through the adoption of a new action package on global health R&D.


Return On Innovation: Learn how global health R&D delivers for your state

Interactive online tool and individualized state fact sheets documenting how US investments in global health R&D are delivering economic and health benefits across American states.


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