Global Health Technologies Coalition

Emily Conron

Policy and Advocacy Officer

Emily manages congressional outreach, policy development, and legislative analysis to support the US advocacy work of the coalition. In this capacity, she serves as GHTC’s primary liaison with Congress and helps develop strategies to advance the coalition’s legislative priorities.
Prior to GHTC, she served as the Senior Advocacy Associate for Global Health at World Vision US, building support for global health appropriations and legislation, leading a congressional staff learning trip to Mozambique focused on maternal and child health, and serving as co-chair of the Global Health Council Budget and Policy Roundtable.
Emily discovered her passion for global health advocacy as an undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame, where she founded the first-ever student group dedicated to the fight against neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). After graduating, she joined the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases at the Sabin Vaccine Institute, leading grassroots advocacy and fundraising for the END7 campaign, building more than fifty university chapters in fifteen countries, and spearheading annual student advocacy summits to build support for the USAID NTD Program on Capitol Hill. She also pioneered a faith-based engagement effort that culminated in an international conference on NTDs at the Vatican featuring a message from Pope Francis.
She graduated from Notre Dame with degrees in psychology and theology. In her free time, you can usually find her baking, training for half marathons (to balance said baking) and hosting elaborate dinner parties. 

Articles Written by Emily

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
Congressional briefing highlights Department of Defense’s long war against a surprising enemy: malaria

Most Americans think of malaria as a disease that only threatens people in far-off nations. But with American military personnel deployed in countries all around the globe, malaria remains an ongoing threat to the health of our servicemembers and, by extension, our military readiness. 

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Research in action in Uganda

Last week GHTC led a learning trip with US Congressional staff to Uganda to see first hand the impact of US government funding for global health R&D. Check out our favorite moments from the week.

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PATH/Doune Porter
President signs spending bill boosting funding for global health

On February 15, President Trump signed into law a bipartisan spending bill—averting another partial government shutdown and ensuring full-year funding for the government for the remainder of fiscal year 2019. The months-long saga ended with some great news for global health and research and development.

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Flickr/Craig Fildes
State of the Union HIV pledge links a “once-distant dream” to “scientific breakthroughs”

On February 5, President Trump delivered his second State of the Union address. Among the long list of policy proposals and pledges in the speech was one of great interest to the global health research community—an announcement of a new whole-of-government plan to eliminate HIV transmission in the United States by 2030.

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PATH/Wendy Stone
How the partial government shutdown is affecting global health, R&D

As the partial government shutdown stretches into a fifth week – the longest in United States history – news of its impact on agencies essential to global health broadly, and research and development in particular, is taking clearer shape.

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Flickr/Craig Fildes
Democrats take the House and Republicans maintain hold on the Senate in midterm elections

While the dust is still settling from the US midterm elections, the major takeaways are set: Democrats have taken the House and Republicans have solidified their hold in the Senate. This means a shake up in leadership and the make-up of key Congressional committees. GHTC takes a look at what these changes could mean for continued US support for global health R&D.

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PATH/Patrick McKern
The post-midterm prognosis for global health R&D

With less than two weeks to go until one of the most anticipated midterm elections in recent memory, there are big questions occupying the minds of Washingtonians and politics junkies from coast to coast.

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PATH/Patrick McKern
Trump signs spending bill boosting funding for health research

President Trump signed into law a spending bill that pairs full-year fiscal year (FY) 2019 funding for Labor, Health and Human Services (LHHS) and Defense with a stopgap measure to keep other agencies funded through December—staving off a partial government shutdown on the eve of the end of the fiscal year. Here’s a breakdown of how global health and medical research funding fared.

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