Public financing helps US and the world

US investment saves lives at home and globally

Thanks to US investments in global health research, millions of people around the world no longer live in fear of diseases such as polio and measles, while others are living longer, more productive lives. Such investments, however, are not solely humanitarian. Global health research is critical to the broader mission of US foreign policy: to increase national security, build stronger economies, and strengthen US relations around the world.

Emerging health threats demonstrate the need for increased investment in global health research. The recent spread of H1N1 influenza to more than 20 countries in the span of a few days highlights the speed at which new threats can travel. By investing in global health research, the United States will be better prepared to deal with such threats and will protect health and economic stability around the world.

How the US funds global health

As the largest funder of global health science and technology, the United States has led the way in eliminating preventable disease, disability, and death for people around the world. To enable families to live healthier lives, the United States can and should continue to be a leader in global health research and development (R&D).  

The US government funds global health R&D through a variety of programs across several federal agencies. Each plays a significant and complementary role in global health research. These agencies include:

Why public financing?

The United States has a history of making smart investments that result in important global health discoveries. The United States must continue to lead by committing long-term, robust funding to global health research. We have made progress. The need still exists, however, to use the unique expertise that US government agencies bring to product development and delivery. Continued and coordinated funding is necessary in order to turn discoveries into new vaccines, drugs, and other health tools with the potential to improve lives around the world.

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