The coalition’s key issues

Man holds vaccine vial with vaccine vial monitor visible.By increasingly engaging in efforts to support, incentivize, and regulate global health technologies, the United States can help ensure that safe and effective health tools reach people in need worldwide. Photo: PATH/Mike Wang.

Promoting tools for better health globally

The Global Health Technologies Coalition (GHTC) advocates for policies and funding that will advance research and development (R&D) into tools to improve health in developing countries.

Research and development

Existing tools have helped us make tremendous progress in combating global diseases, but they are not enough to stop the spread of life-threatening illnesses. New technologies to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease are critically needed to address existing and emerging global health threats.

Incentives and innovative financing

New market-based incentives can encourage investment by private industry in global health technology R&D.

Public financing

Robust and strategic financing by the US government combined with sustained coordination by federal agencies is necessary to advance global health R&D.

Regulatory pathways

Streamlined regulatory processes and pathways can help accelerate licensing of safe and effective global health technologies, ensuring that they reach those who need them faster.

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