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Man and boy seated in front of group of children.A historical commitment to global health research has led to the development of lifesaving health tools, such as antiretroviral drugs for HIV/AIDS. Peter Lumumba, a father of six, was first diagnosed with HIV in 1987 and started antiretroviral treatment in 2006. He said of his treatment, “Without the research that led to this lifesaving medicine, I would have already died.”  Photo: PATH/Evelyn Hockstein.

Advocating for technologies to improve global health

The Global Health Technologies Coalition (GHTC) is a group of more than 25 nonprofit organizations working to increase awareness of the urgent need for technologies that save lives in the developing world.

Funded in part by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and housed at PATH, the coalition does not advocate for specific diseases, drugs, or devices. Rather, we support policies and funding that advance the goals of global health research and development in many areas.

How we do it

The coalition works to:

  • Build and support an informed and influential constituency for global health technologies.
  • Conduct policy analysis to inform, develop, and pursue a strategic advocacy agenda.
  • Conduct outreach and pursue strategic alliances.
  • Educate and inform policymakers.

Through policy analysis, strategic alliances, and outreach to US policymakers, the coalition advocates for new vaccines, microbicides, drugs, devices, and diagnostics that will improve health in developing countries. Coalition members advocate for specific topics, including:

  • Public financing. We call for increased financing, coordination, and strategic investments by the US government in global health research and development.
  • Regulatory pathways. We advocate for streamlined regulatory processes to accelerate licensing of safe and effective global health technologies.
  • Incentives and innovative financing. We support the adoption of new market-based incentives to encourage private industry investments in global health research and development.

Why we’re needed

Health technologies have the potential to save millions of lives each year. The world urgently needs new vaccines, drugs, microbicides, and diagnostic tests to slow the global threat of diseases, including malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV and AIDS, and to tackle many other pressing health needs. Sufficient funding for research and development, a simpler regulatory process for new technologies, and increased interest by private industry can help deliver new health solutions for the developing world.

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