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February 2013

New study provides policy recommendations for health innovation

February 11, 2013 -- The World Health Organization, World Trade Organization, and World Intellectual Property Organization have released a new study that outlines policies needed to advance new medical and health technologies, and to ensure that they reach the people who need them worldwide.

The study, titled “Promoting Access to Medical Technologies and Innovation,” presents policy options involving health, trade, and intellectual property for policymakers, international organizations, academics, researchers, and nongovernmental groups.

“Innovation without effective access offers scant public health benefit,” World Trade Organization Director-General Pascal Lamy said, adding that development of new medicines and new medical technologies need to be encouraged. “The study points out the importance of the patent system for the pharmaceutical sector, while also identifying alternative incentive mechanisms that seek to enable much-needed new products in neglected diseases,” he said.

According to Lamy, the study also examines measures such as differential pricing as a way of “reconciling innovation and access in medical technologies.” He added that the study aims to present “an overview of how diverse policy measures can fit together coherently.”

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